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2015-04-08 10.02.06Every Sunday I post a list of the poems I read. This started last year when I set a year-long poetry reading goal. The year is over, but the habit remains. I welcome anyone who wants to join me in reading more poetry.

The poems for this week were taken from The Hungry Ear by Kevin Young. The following are from the Wintering: Soup Lines & Staples section.

At the IGA: Franklin, New Hampshire by Jane Kenyon (Good, though not particularly uplifting, but real.)

Economics at Gemco by John Olivares Espinoza (Makes you think…) Scroll to page two when you click on this link.

2015-09-07 12.31.38The following poems are from Poems: Emily Dickinson, Poems 1890, Book1-Life.

THIS is my letter to the world


OUR share of the night to bear

I love how with just a few lines, and then an end, she can leave me to pondering all day long…