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The other day Ben (my 5 year old) was telling me which books on his shelf were his favorites, and it got me thinking. What were my favorite books when I was a kid, and are any of them on his shelf? Guess what, there is an amazing amount of overlap when it comes to beloved children’s books. The ones that were good when I was a kid, are still darn good. So, do you remember any of these?

The book that I remember loving the most from childhood is The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash. I read that book a million times. It was hilarious, and it took an animal that would normally be scary, and made it lovable. My favorite picture was the one of the very last page without any words where the boa is curled up in front of the fire and the farmer’s wife is knitting it a sweater. Boa’s are cold blooded you know…

I learned my ABC’s with Dr. Seuss’ ABC book. It was so fun to read the rhymes and look at the ridiculous pictures and scenarios. Richarad Scarry and Mercer Mayer are classics, and everyone should have a book or two on their shelves by these guys.

Husband and kids were very skeptical of Alexander and the no good, horrible, very bad day when I first brought it home. However, they’ve grasped the importance, and the fun, of this book now. I couldn’t believe Husband had never read it before!

And of course, Where the Wild Things Are. Does anything more need to be said?

What books do you remember from you childhood?