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2014-06-11 07.53.57Many of you have been joining me on Sundays to read poetry. I began my year long poetry project last June. Every week, for a year, I’ve read a little poetry. This is probably more poetry than I’ve read in a my lifetime, if you don’t count rhyming picture books, which we probably should. Anyway, those of you who have hung-in with me, Congrats and Thank You! I am proud of us.

In this year we’ve read completely through one poetry book (Poems to Learn by Heart by Caroline Kennedy) and are nearing the end of another (Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein). In total we have read 255 poems. Not too shabby.

2015-04-08 10.02.06Now the question is, should we continue? We have just begun The Hungry Ear edited by Kevin Young. If we quit now, that would mean stopping in the middle of the book. However, I don’t think we could ever end a year and a book at the same time. It would take a level of forethought and planning that I’m not sure I would be capable of.

Now, if I did stop my weekly poetry feature, I would try to replace it with something else. Another weekly reading feature of some sort. No, I don’t know exactly what it would be and I need to sit down and brainstorm ideas. So, I’m coming to you readers. Should I continue the weekly poetry feature, or is it time to move on to something else?