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Eli likes Legos too!

A few months ago I shared that my 5-year-old was really into Legos. It turns out that he isn’t the only one in our community that is loopy for Legos. Last year our library started a new program, Lego Club. It started out being once a month, but got so big that they started hosting it twice a month and divided the kids up according to age. It was a HUGE hit.

Normally our library programs are separated by season. So programs that are active during the school year, end with the school year. Then they do summer programing, which tends to be different and falls in-line with the state’s summer reading theme. However, Lego Club has been so popular they decided to continue it through the summer twice a month. Ben was too young during the year to participate, but the librarian told him since he was going to be a kindergartener next year, he could come during the summer. You should have seen his eyes light up.

A week ago he attended his first Lego Club. Now, this is a drop off program, which means parents don’t stay with the kids. They drop them off and come back in an hour (you can see why it is so popular, not only with kids, but with parents). I walked him down to the room where the club was being held. He was given a square Lego pad (not sure exactly what they are called) and a solo cup that he used to scoop a cup full of Legos out of a small pool (they had two of them full of Legos). After that, I left.

Ben's creation...some kind of bomb mine. I didn't really understand his explanation, but he was super excited about it.

Ben’s creation…some kind of bomb mine. I didn’t really understand his explanation, but he was super excited about it.

They begin building whatever they can, or want, with the Legos they have. There is a theme each time, but you don’t have to use it. Super heroes was the theme last week, so kids could build something pertaining to, or having to do with, super heroes. They can work in teams, or on their own. At the end of the hour they are able to share with the others what they built, and talk about it a bit. Then their creations are displayed on bookshelves in the library until the next meeting.

Ben’s statement afterwards was, “Lego Club is the best thing EVER!”

I just love library programming.