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My boys are the two wearing red and blue in the foreground.

My boys are the two wearing red and blue in the foreground.

Yesterday our library hosted their first ever story walk. My boys loved it, and we look forward to going on more of these in the future. For those of you who may not know what a story walk is, it is exactly as the term states. It is a story you read while you 61+JIp21Y8L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_walk. The story we read yesterday was There Was an Old lady Who Swallowed a Frog by Lucille Collandro. They have signs made with each page of the story posted around a walking path, ours was in our city park. Many of the signs had volunteers manning them, and they would read the page to you, and sometimes give you something to put in your story walk bag (they hand these out when you start the walk). You walk the path stopping at each sign, reading, sometimes receiving an item (or a squirt of water), until you reach the end. At the end of this story walk they had the kids plant a sunflower seed in the dirt they received on their walk. After which, there was a snack of lemonade and trail mix (every successful kids activity includes food). What a wonderful way to meld nature and reading! This is not something you have to wait for your local library to do. I think parents or grandparents could put one of these together to use at home or around the neighborhood. However, if you can do them through the local library, that is still the easiest and most fun route!

Summer Reading!

2015-05-28 08.19.37We also signed up for summer reading yesterday. It doesn’t officially begin until the 1st of June, but you can begin checking out books that will count towards your totals. The theme this year is Every Hero Has a Story for the kiddos, and the adult program theme ties in with Escape the Ordinary. My blog followers know I am a huge library supporter, and I always write about summer reading. The kids get a chart with 50 circles on it. They can cross off a circle each time they read a library book. Once they have marked them2015-05-28 08.20.07 all, they can turn the chart in for prizes. Last year we received things like free books, bags, and tickets to local car races. The local community and surrounding cities have some wonderful businesses that donate prizes each year! I don’t know what we might get this year, but the boys are looking forward to it!

The adults get to play Bingo as their summer reading program. You fill in your Bingo card with books you read. Once you have a Bingo you can turn the card in to be eligible for drawings and prizes.  In addition to the reading, the library hosts several events including a magic show, an outdoor movie, and Lego club. I will have more on these later in the summer.