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Since I’m posting a little less frequently now I thought I would consolidate a few months worth of library paintings into one post.

Our painting for March was supposed to be a rooster. However, I think mine ended up looking like a cross between a rooster and toucan. It’s the beak I think…


Many of you know that I had never picked up a brush or touched a canvas until my library began offering painting classes. So please, view my efforts with indulgence and compassion. Honestly, I think I’m improving….a little.

For April, appropriately, we painted flowers. Specifically hydrangeas. I didn’t know what hydrangeas were, not being particularly botanically inclined, so I had to Google them. We were a little rushed in this class since another class was due to start soon after ours, so my painting is missing some final touches. However, I think that, for me, it wasn’t a bad effort. This one was a little more difficult for me to do.

2015-04-11 13.08.06

Does your library offer any art classes? What are they?