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2014-06-11 07.53.57If you’ve been following my poetry reading series you know we are due for a new poetry compilation. We began working our way through Poems to Learn by Heart, edited by Caroline Kennedy, last June by reading a few poems every week. I’m really excited about this new compilation because this book is a compilation of poems about two of my favorite things: food and drink. The 2015-04-08 10.02.06Hungry Ear (isn’t that a great title) is edited by Kevin Young. It features poems both classic and contemporary. Poets run the gamut from W.B. Yeats to Billy Collins. I think it will be a fun journey and I hope you join me. If you’ve never been into poetry, perhaps one about your favorite food could spark a flame for you. Here is a sample to whet your appetite (I know, I’m punny) from the Pig Out section, by Howard Nemerov titled Bacon and Eggs:

The chicken contributes,

But the pig gives his all.