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2015-04-01 11.51.00Last year I blogged about how we like to buy books for holidays, and that means that our boys even get books in their Easter baskets. This year I thought I would share some of the Easter themed books from our collection.

A favorite of ours is Little Critter, and I think we have a Little Critter book for every holiday by this point. It is awesome how Little Critter was a favorite of my brother and me when we were little, and now it is a favorite of my kids. I love how books can be timeless.

Eli, my youngest, is a HUGE Duck and Goose fan (Tad Hill is the author), and he frequently requests Duck and Goose books. These are board books with simple stories and cute 2015-04-01 11.51.41illustrations. Very durable, and we have several that we bought when Ben was little and are still in great shape. Gotta love those eatable board books.

I’ve talked about one of Natasha Wing’s The Night Before books in the past, and I picked up her Easter one earlier this year. It is a cute, fun read. I know Max and Ruby have been around for a long time, but I only became familiar with them after I had Ben. He loves Max, and we’ve enjoyed this Easter book for a few years now.

Being Christian we have several books about Jesus and Easter. Of course, two of the most famous children’s books authors/illustrators for Christian, and secular, books are Jan and Mike Berenstain with their Berenstain Bears. These books are a little longer to read 2015-04-01 11.50.40though, so we reserve them for times other than right before bed. It also allows us to talk about them a little more.

Llama Llama has become very popular, and it is clear why. They are so darn cute. Eli picked this book out at the bookstore last time we went. He love to say Llama Llama and will repeat it after me when we read.

What are your favorite Easter books?

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