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The Dresden Files combines two of my favorite types of books. Actually, these are the types of books that I first fell in love with, and they are probably the reason I’m such a reader today: fantasy and detective stories. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM. Putting these two things together with fully developed, unique characters, and slightly corny, but wholly satisfying, dialogue and you have created a fan-girl of me. Love you Jim Butcher…just want you to know.

The premise of this series evolves over time, but to keep things simple for those who are unfamiliar with Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, he is a private investigator in Chicago. Only, he is a little different from your run-of-the-mill Magnum P.I. (do so love my Magnum P.I., don’t get me wrong). He is a wizard. He specializes in supernatural mysteries. In Chicago. Isn’t it perfect?

Dresden comes up against all sorts of bad, and sometimes good, guys from mythology and fantasy history. You have Hades, fallen angels, Knights of the Cross, elven queens, werewolves, and vampires, of course. This is just a sampling. Oh, yes there are some zombies in one too, even a zombie dinosaur. Some of them are friends, and some of them are enemies, and sometimes they are frenemies. It often depends on what sort of evil is brewing in Chicago. Since it is Chicago, there is a lot of evil brewing, as you know…

sgMiniThere are 16 novels in this series so far, including the one I just finished reading Skin Game. (I usually try to hold out until these are released in paperback. I’m not always able to control myself, but I’m doing better.) There are also some graphic novels, a few short stories, and a role-playing game. Clearly I’m not the only fan-girl in town. Butcher has quite a following.

It was actually the Sci-Fi Channel TV series that first introduced me to Harry D.

Yes, there was a, short-lived, TV series. Yes, I do own it on DVD. No judging.

StormFront_Hardcover_1-120I really liked it, but they canceled in after the first season. It was while watching this and seeing that it was based on a book that I picked up a Storm Front. I discovered Longmire the same way.

These books are my indulgent reads. Usually I finish one within a day or two of getting it. It really is a blessing that there is usually a year or two between releases. My children would miss their mother if they came out more frequently. They read fast, they are exciting, and they are action packed. Clearly, they aren’t for everyone. Not everyone is a fantasy fan, but if you are willing to keep an open mind and are interested in completely exiting your real life for a few hours, Butcher is your man.