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19286669I didn’t read this book, I listened to the audio version. This may or may not have influenced my opinion of the book. There are many books that I think a person could read and enjoy, but not listen too, and visa versa. So much depends on the reader when it comes to audio books.

This was a good book to listen too. Although I was far from thrilled with the reader to start, in the end I think she portrayed the book well, if not that theatrically. It did seem as if all her characters had the same voice habits and speaking tone, however some of this could have been the writing.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I was probably about half way through the book before I figured out the ending. After that, you just listen to see if you were right. I was;) This book had some good twists, and I do love how she reveals things and develops the characters early on. She tackles a myriad of issues in this book it seems to me, and perhaps she tried to do a little too much at times. I did enjoy how you move back and forth in each chapter from one main character to another. This approach builds suspense I think. It is what I enjoy about the Game of Thrones series as well. (Admittedly, when I first started reading those books, years ago, I totally hated how he did that. It grew on me.)

However, the ending left a little to be desired, and I wasn’t all that thrilled with how some of the character reactions and responses were portrayed. They didn’t seem all that realistic, or at least not all that satisfying. Also, I was left wondering what was up with the prologue? Maybe one of you can read it and explain why that was even included…

I hate spoilers, and it is hard to talk too much about this book without slipping up. What I will say is that there is a girl, Riley, who returns to her childhood home over the summer to square away her dad’s home after his death. Many of you who have been through something like this yourselves can probably empathize with the large, emotional job this is. During this process she starts to uncover secrets and pursue them. I love a little mystery, and this certainly has that. It may be a little chick-litty, but I was able to overlook that, probably because I was listening to it on the elliptical machine and didn’t have to think too hard. When listening to a book while exercising it is important that it doesn’t require much from you in the intellect department.

This book wouldn’t be a long read, and I imagine it would move relatively quickly. This is the first novel by Diane Chamberlain I’ve read, and I enjoyed it enough that I will probably check on a few more.