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2015-03-11 08.54.27Some of you may have noticed that I have not been sticking to my blogging schedule. It hit me this week, which has been strange and busy in ways that are different from normal, that my blog was being pushed to the side. When I thought about it, it felt a bit like work, and it has been stressing me out a tad. I normally get a lot of enjoyment out of my blog, so I sat down to reevaluate.

Life at home is going through a transition, and as is normal at such times, schedules change and priorities rearrange. So, I’ve decided to make some changes to my blog, or more specifically to my blogging schedule. I do want to keep blogging, I just can’t continue to blog at the same pace and volume. At least not for a while. Here is what I’ve decided to do:

  • My poetry post will continue. This seems to be my most popular feature and my goal was to continue it for at least a year. However, instead of on Tuesdays I will begin posting it on Sundays, which just makes sense. Those of you who read it regularly probably wonder why I wasn’t doing that to begin with.
  • I am going to cut back from two blog posts (Mondays and Thursdays) to just one on Wednesdays. Maybe the quality will improve, maybe it won’t. We will see what happens.
  • I launched a new feature last month, Family Reads Friday. It is scheduled to occur the last Friday of each month, and I will endeavor to keep that going, at least for the next few months. If my readers like it, I will keep it going indefinitely.

I love feedback, so if any of you have suggestions, recommendations, or requests please let me know. My hope is that perhaps this summer I can change things up again.

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