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Last year I shared how much I loved the painting classes my library was offering. We did one in October and in December, and I posted about each. If you’ve been reading this blog long, you know I am a huge advocate of libraries, and it important to know that libraries are not just about books. Most offer wonderful community programming, and if you haven’t visited yours in a while, swing by and see what they have going on. If you know that your library doesn’t offer different types of programming, I encourage you to speak to your librarian and share some of the things you would be interested in. Find out who is a trustee for your local library and speak to them too. Libraries can be a great way to reach out to needs and offer services in your communities.

Okay, I will hop off my soapbox now and share some of the fun stuff we did at our library this past month. First of all, the beloved painting class was held this month and this is what we did:


I’m so excited to discover that they are increasing the number of painting classes being offered, and instead of doing it every other month, we will be having one every month! In March we are doing a rooster;) I will probably give it to my mom, but I am going to go!

Every month our library also hosts two Pinterest nights. They used to only have one, but it has become so popular, that they broke it into two. One night they offer childcare, so stay-at-home moms can come, and there will be someone to entertain the kids. Although this has been going on for a while, I haven’t been able to attend until this past month. We made lovely burlap heart wreaths. They had red, pink, and purple polka dots and chevrons to choose from. So there was a lot of variety.

My brother's girlfriend, Miranda, myself, and my sister with our burlap wreaths. So Fun!

My brother’s girlfriend, Miranda, myself, and my sister with our burlap wreaths. So Fun!