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Well, let’s see how this goes. Here is our first Family Reads Friday. Today we have a video of my two monsters. Ben is reading Head to Toe by Eric Carl to his little brother Eli.

You probably noticed, those of you who are familiar with this book, that Ben was not actually reading it. He just turned 5. Although he can read some sight words, and sound out others, he isn’t really reading just yet. He read this book to his brother based on what he remembers from previous readings and the pictures. This is actually a very important step on the way to literacy. Always encourage your toddlers to read on their own, even if they don’t know their letters. They can make up stories based off pictures, or just pull it from their memory. All of these activities are great for learning and literacy. It also helps to have an audience to read to and to hear encouragement.

Sorry about the quality of the video. This was spur of the moment on my phone. You have to capture these things when they happen I guess. Also, I have a cold, so apologies for the breathing in the background. (Kinda creepy sounding…)

I would love some feedback about this new feature. Do you feel it is worthwhile? Do you have a video or audio recording you would like to share? Leave a comment or contact me!