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It may seem amazing to some of you that I am not on Goodreads, or rather, I wasn’t on Goodreads. I’ve used Goodreads many times for reviews, recommendations, and to browse lists. However, I didn’t join until last week. Why you ask? Honestly, I’m not much of a social networking person. Goodreads though, is social networking for readers, so I’ve decided to consider it a completely different thing…

Since I signed up I am going to go all the way and do my best to get the most out of Goodreads. Many of you may have already noticed that partway down my sidebar I’ve added a Goodreads widget. It lists the titles I am currently reading, or that are on my bedside table at the moment. You will also notice as we go that you might not always find a post on the books that show up there. I’m what you might call a prolific reader. There is just no way, unless I wrote constantly and let the laundry pile up more than I already do, that I could blog about each title. I pick and choose.

IMG_1055Most of the blog readers that I know personally are also not on Goodreads (this may be another reason I haven’t signed up), but I’ve noticed that last few months that many of my followers online are. This inspired me to get involved, and to drag my husband along with me. He also signed up last week and friended me (bless him, he is my only friend on Goodreads so far except for my sister). He also spent the weekend with his computer and books spreadsheet out (yes, I’m serious) adding all the books he has read and owned to his Goodreads account. The number so far is around 500. Yes, he is a numbers and spreadsheets nerd. It is seriously amazing what he can make charts about. I’ve seen some laying around the house concerning his supplies and progress on HayDay. No. I’m not joking…

If you are on Goodreads I would love to friend you. You can find me under R. J. Koehn. It would great to see what my followers are reading, what you’ve read, and learn a little more about my reading community. Towards this end I will be utilizing polls and surveys in the coming months. I would greatly appreciate any and all visitors taking a couple seconds to answer them.