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2015-02-12 13.40.44Saturday is Valentines Day, as you well know. Many of you are already familiar with my love of holiday and seasonal books for kids, so I thought I would share the Valentine book I bought my 23 month old this year.

Snuggle Puppy! a little love song, is by Sandra Boynton. Even though it is a Valentines Day book, I will admit that the title and contents, are just a little too sappy for my tastes. Usually, I wouldn’t have even picked this one up. I would have kept searching until I found myself a solid Little Critter book by Mercer Mayer. However, Eli picked this one out, and his little face just lit up when I read it. So home it came.

2015-02-12 13.40.36We do love Sandra Boynton at our house (despite the mushiness of this particular book), so I wasn’t too put out. If you’re not familiar with Sandra Boynton and you have any babies or toddlers in your life, you really do need to get on good terms with her. She writes great little board books for babies and young toddlers. They are easy, quick reads with cute and funny stories. Often they help with early skills like learning about clothes, colors, and dealing with feelings. Great books to read before naps or bedtime.

This week is Random Acts of Kindness week. Click on the link to visit the official website which has a whole host of things to get your kindness motor running. Last year I shared a post of ideas for Literary Random Acts of Kindness. Random Acts of Kindness are a great way to spread the love during Valentines week, especially if you are of the opinion that Valentine’s Day is just one of those commercialized holidays meant to encourage people to spend money. Fight the man by performing Random Acts of Kindness throughout the week, and on Valentines Day. Be a Rebel!