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1858161Every year I try to read a presidential biography. Last year I read His Excellency by Joseph J. Ellis. It was a great choice because it wasn’t 1000 pages long (have you seen some of these bios?) and it was an engaging, and well rounded read, not that I have a ton of biography reading experience to draw on.

Next Monday is Presidents Day, and I thought I would get a jump on making my selection. That is when I came across this wonderful blog, My Journey Through the Best Presidential Biographies. Stephen Floyd is the blogger there, and I asked him for some recommendations. He gave me a few, but his top recommendation (under 600 pages, because that is a must for me if I’m going to get through it) is John Adams: A Life by John Ferling. It has just over a 4 star rating on Goodreads as well. I think this will be the one.

So I’m off to the library tomorrow to track it down, or interlibrary loan it if they don’t have it. You will hear about it here of course, although I may not get around to blogging about it until March. We will just see how it goes.