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2014-06-11 07.53.57Every Tuesday I post a list of the poems I read for my year-long poetry reading goal. I welcome anyone who wants to join me in reading more poetry this year.

The poems for this week were taken from Poems to Learn by Heart  by Caroline Kennedy. These were from the section titled Four Score and Seven Years Ago.

Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Ukase by Private First Class C. G. Tiggas (Short, but good.)

When he was small, when he would fall by Vladimir Nabokov (This link does have a curse word in the title, sorry about that. But just scroll past the title and book cover and the poem is there. Couldn’t find it anywhere else online quickly. Sorry.)

The following poems are from Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends.

THE TOUCAN (This would be a fun writing activity in a junior high or high school class I think..)

THE PLANET OF MARS (This one is fun. Perhaps could spur an art project?)

LOVE (Very cute! And strangely thought provoking…)