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Blogging 101 Assignment

Dear Dream Reader,

Who are you? I confess, I don’t know. When I started this blog, I was writing for me, as a challenge to myself. The truth is, I didn’t know if even I would want to read it. At the time it didn’t matter. I just wanted to begin writing regularly. However, since then I’ve discovered many of you…Dream Readers.

Starting near home, the first of you were friends and family (Hi Diana, Lynne, Shelley, & Kaitlin!). It didn’t matter whether my writing was good or not. You followed me just because I shared my blog. Thank you.

Before even friends and family though, you discovered (if you can call it that) me interestingliterature. How you found me, I don’t know. After I checked out your blog I was so very flattered to have been found, and followed, by you! A great blog for book and literature lovers. I encourage everyone to check you out.

Since then, who I write for changes. You change. It depends on what is going on in my life and what I am reading. Sometimes you, Dream Reader, are a parent. A harried mom or clueless dad who wants ideas on how to give your toddlers a head start with language and reading. Sometimes you are the adult mystery reader. A person looking for a great thriller or who-done-it. Recently I discovered that you are a middle schooler, and aspiring writer (Hi trinitygrau). You write lovely things and everyone should visit you.

In the end I think I’m writing for myself. And I find little pieces of me in you; the people who read my blog. We share something in common, whether it is the fact we are parents, teachers, readers, writers, or bloggers. Trinity, I was once your age and reading and writing just as voraciously as you are now. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t read something new and interesting on your site Interesting Literature. These are connections.

So, in the end, (as narcissistic as it may sound) I think my Dream Reader is me, found in you.

The next question is, is that good or bad?



R. J. Koehn.