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For my my readers who have been following me for a while I wanted to give an explanation for two posts in one day. I also wanted to prepare you for what is to come. WordPress (who hosts my site) has what they call Blogging University. They host free classes for their bloggers. I didn’t know about this program until recently, although I’ve been blogging for a year now.

As you know from a previous post, I’ve been struggling with whether I wanted to continue my blog. Well, while I was thinking it through I came across a class WordPress is offering called Blogging 101. I’m such a sucker for classes, especially free ones! I’m one of the few people in the world who loves to receive assignments! So, I signed up.

My understanding is that I will be given an assignment everyday, or every weekday, something like that. I am required to post my assignments on my blog. I don’t know what they will be, but I will do my best to relate them to my established content. Until my class is over, I will suspend my normal posting schedule. I will, however, continue my poetry feature since this is, by far, my most popular feature and I know some of you are reading through the poems with me. My first assignment is below…

Random cute baby in a basket...

Random cute baby in a basket…

I’m R. J. Koehn, teacher, mother, wife, and reader. I started this blog a year ago as a challenge to write regularly. Although I used to teach junior high and high school English and speech,  I am now a SAHM. So, I was also looking for an outlet. My children are precious, but sometimes I don’t want to play cars and trucks, or discuss PAW PATROL.

I’m not that interested in being a ‘mommy blogger’ and providing a journal, or diary, of our daily lives. If that was my goal, I probably would have kept my blog private. I decided to do a public book blog because a few years ago I was involved in an online book club, which I loved and was missing. This isn’t quite the same, but I am able to share it with some of the same people.

I write about books I read (I’m a voracious reader), both for myself and for my children. I also like to write about literacy issues, and am a strong advocate for public libraries. One of my most popular posts is my weekly poetry post on Tuesdays. If it has to do with reading, books, literacy, education, or libraries I’m interested in it.

I would love to connect with other readers (of all genres), writers, and teachers. I do still teach, just not full time. I teach adult ESL at a local community college in the evenings. It is very rewarding, and I love it. This experience has only increased my interest in literacy and the importance of public libraries.

What do I hope to accomplish with my blog this year? I don’t know. Last year I knew I just wanted to establish a regular posting schedule and stick with it. I’ve done that. Now I’m ready to see where things go. I’m open to any possibility.