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I started this blog a year ago. The title of my first post was Not a New Year ResolutionIt was January 1st. Since then, I’ve missed only one posting date, and that was because I scheduled my post incorrectly, not because it wasn’t written.

Through this past year my blog changed from, not a New Year resolution, to a writing resolution. To be honest, I started this blog to challenge myself to write. To write something. It was an attempt to make writing a regular part of my life, and I chose books and reading because I love them.

This blog is not particularly successful if you judge it by the number of hits I get, or followers I have. However, I didn’t start it for those reasons, I started it for me. On a personal level, this blog has been a success. I post regularly, and this requires me to think about what I’ve read, and what I’m going to read. My thoughts are not always deep, meaningful, insightful, or particularly useful, but…you know, I thought them. More than some could say I suppose.

The question I’ve been tossing around now is, should I do this for another year? There are times I’ve thought this blog has run its course. Shut it down and begin a new project. At other times I think that this has been such a good thing for me, helping me build self-discipline and requiring things of me my everyday life wouldn’t have otherwise.

I’ve not decided one way or another about the blog. I do know that whether I continue or not, this has been a great experience for me in so many ways. So, I want to thank those of you who have found my little piece of the cloud and commented, followed, or just checked in on me from time to time. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your attention. You’ve been an encouragement to me, and I hope that you were able to get something back from my humble postings as well.

See you in the New Year…maybe.