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2014-12-13 12.15.35

Some of you may remember my post about painting at the library. I was very excited and promised to share when I did it again. Well, I did it again on Saturday. We had a bigger crowd this time around, and that just made it all the more fun!

Sadly, we also learned that our painting instructor will be moving away. (We will miss you Heather!) She has found a possible replacement, and I hope that we will be able to paint again in the new year.

The last time we painted was in October, and we did a pumpkin. This time we did Santa! This painting was a little more difficult, for me anyway. However, I really loved doing it, and will definitely sign up to do it again if given the opportunity. Good or bad, I do plan to display my Santa. It is the second painting I’ve ever done, and I am excited about it! What do you think?

2014-12-15 10.17.13