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As many of you know, at least those of you who reside in the U.S., this week is Thanksgiving. So in honor of the holiday, and picture book month, this week’s posts will feature a couple of picture books for this holiday of thanks.

2014-11-24 13.22.22

When I pulled, The Night Before Thanksgiving by Natasha Wing, out to read to my 4 year-old last week, he immediately exclaimed, “I love this book!” I like it too, but I was a bit taken aback that he remembered it from last year.

The title pretty much says it all. Wing takes the classic The Night Before Christmas poem, and sets it up for Thanksgiving instead. Same rhyme scheme and all that. It is fun to read aloud, as poetry like this usually is. The rhyming and rhythm are great for budding linguists and they make it easier to remember and, to some extent, memorize. All this helps with language acquisition and reading readiness, so bring it on!

2014-11-24 13.22.41

Wing has a whole series of these The Night Before… books. They feature other wonderful holidays like Mother’s Day and Christmas, but she also has ones about important life events like The Night Before Preschool and The Night Before the Toothfairy. I will be honest, this is the only book of hers we own. I haven’t yet checked out any of her other titles, but I plan to. As popular as this book is, I imagine her others will be enjoyed equally well.

Last thing, Natasha Wing is on WordPress, so check her out!