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PBMBADGE-AMBASSADOR-FB-300x245Yes it is! Can you believe it? A whole month devoted to picture books. It is wonderful that we live in a world where such a thing can exist.

With the world becoming more digital by the nanosecond many of us forget to take time for the simple things, like reading picture books. This is of supreme importance if you have children at home.

I want to issue a challenge now. If you do not have a habit of reading a picture book everyday with you child, endeavor, for the remainder of November, to read one everyday. If you need some suggestions click on the Owl Ambassador image to the left of my blog. It will take you to the official website for picture book month. They have a wonderful calendar that features a new book and author for everyday of the month. They also feature a blog post by an author each day.

If you already read a picture book everyday with your kids, I challenge you to read an extra one, or make a list of your favorites and try to reread them through the end of the month. This is a great way to prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, the celebration of family, and the blessings we have.

As for this blog, I will feature one of our favorite picture books for each post through the end of November.

I love technology and all the gizmos and apps we have available now. But I still think it is important to read books that can be held, smelled, and slobbered on with kids. If you don’t have a book that can be held, smelled, or slobbered on at home, go get one!