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Between my husband and I, we filled a whole room with boxes of books when we married. It was a thing of beauty…and consternation. There was no way we could keep them all. We just didn’t have the room, or the need really. The Husband was a collector of paper backs. They aren’t worth any money after they’ve been purchased, and he never reads a book twice. However, he still buys almost all the books he reads. Drives me nuts. Has he never heard of a library? Also, why paperbacks? If we have to buy books, let’s get hardbacks. “They fit in my hands perfectly when I read.” Uh huh. Okay.

My arguments with my husband over reading predilections is not the point of this post. I got caught up in the moment.

As we were sorting through a few boxes earlier this year, that did not get tossed when we first cohabited, I discovered some treasures. I’ve mentioned before that my parents didn’t ever buy books. And they didn’t, but I do have just a few books from when I was very young. I wanted to share one with you today.

I have very strong memories of reading this book as a child. I remember my mom reading it to me, and I remember reading it to myself. I really did love it, although I also remember it freaking me out just a little bit.

Recently Ben has taken a liking to it, pulling it out as a choice before bed now and again. Although, it is a little beat up, I think it may make it through a few more years so that my children can read it for a while.

See honey, this is why you should buy hardbacks….

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Those Terrible Toy-Breakers by David McPhail (copyright 1980) is a yarn about a little boy who keeps leaving his toys out at night, only to wake in the morning to find them broken. (Oh, I forgot to mention he lives in the jungle.)

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The first broken toy he finds is his tricycle, all bent up. His good friend Bernie assures him a lion did it. This happens a few more times with Bernie accusing a couple more jungle animals along the way. When my mom first read this to me, I knew that Bernie was the one breaking the toys. He was just trying to blame someone else. But that was not the case…

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This is a good story about friendship, kindness, forgiveness, and learning to fix things that you break, especially if they weren’t yours to begin with. A lesson for the ages.