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I had the most fun on Saturday morning! I went to a painting party at my library! It. Was. Awesome.

We painted a pumpkin on Saturday. This is my effort...what do you think?

We painted a pumpkin! This was my first artistic endeavor. What do you think?

Now, those of you who paint, or are artistic in some way, may not be all that impressed. However, I have never had an art class. I’ve never even picked up a paintbrush…well, unless you count the water colors I do with my four-year-old. So, this was a big deal for me. My mom was a music teacher, so in junior high and high school, in the world of the arts, music and drama always won out over a class in painting or drawing.

A wonderful local artist of The Roving Brush was our teacher. She has been doing these painting parties for a year or two now. They started in the local library at a neighboring town. She shows up with all our supplies, which include canvas board and acrylic paint. We pay a flat fee, and she teaches us to paint a picture. We often know the picture before we come (since it was October we did a pumpkin). At the end of our party on Saturday we were able to select the picture we wanted to paint for the next party in December. Our library will be offering these painting parties every two months on Saturday mornings.

I truly cannot wait until the next one! We are doing an adorable Santa! One of the ladies coined it the butt-cheek santa. Don’t worry. I will show it to you. It will make sense once you see it.