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Yesterday I wrote a wonderful and insightful blog post about my new-found love of Craig Johnson. The prose would have swept you away on waves of imagery and emotion. You would have wept with the beauty and brilliance.

Alas, I pushed the wrong button at just the right time to irretrievably loose that history changing post. So you are stuck with what I forced myself to write this morning since I didn’t have another post ready to go. I’ll admit this won’t be my best work since I can’t remember exactly what I wrote in my best work which was lost yesterday…

Cold dishI was able to track down the first book of Craig Johnson’s Longmire  series at my library, and I am so glad I did. This is my new comfort series. The one I turn to when I need to relax and let go. However, usually I read a book, then watch the TV show or movie. With this series I did it backwards, and this has provided a different perspective than normal. You see, I fell in love with the TV show first. It’s the reason I’m trying to convince Husband to move to Wyoming.

I’ve never been one of those people who expects screen versions of books to live up to the print. I will love a book and happily go to the screen version and watch it afterwards. I’m fine with changes to plot, sequence, character. They are just part of the transition to a new medium. Also, for the most part, screen versions of books will never live up to the print versions. It will never happen, and it shouldn’t. The print version is the original work. The screen version is merely a copy. However, if you don’t expect them to be as good, you will still be able to enjoy both.

Can you imagine what would have happened if each Harry Potter movie were to include every event, character, and bit of dialogue from the books? To begin with, I’m pretty sure they would never have been made. I remember one of my eighth grade students being so mad about one of the Harry Potter movies because of all the things that were left out. We had to sit down and have a discussion about the realities of life and the constraints of time.

Whoever is doing the writing and directing for the TV version of Longmire is doing well because they have kept the essence of the main characters true to Johnson’s vision. The plot lines have changed and they did some merging and mixing with a few of the recurring secondary and support characters. Now that I’ve read the first book I’m able to see the changes in plot and cast from show to book. They don’t bother me. The essence of it is there. The characters and setting I fell in love with are constant in both. I love both.

Johnson’s dialogue is wonderful. Honestly, it is so hot that a country boy can write like this. I may have to start internet stalking him….