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2014-08-25 13.01.05There is nothing more exciting than a new toy truck for a toddler boy, at least my boys. However, a close second is a book with wheels about trucks, or tractors, or busses. On our last trip to the book store both boys picked out wheeled books. One was about tractors and one was about monster trucks.

They started by playing with them like regular trucks. You can drive them around and race them on the coffee table. Granted, they are a bit more unwieldy than many of their other machines, but the do go.

Lately they’re really gotten into sitting down and flipping through them. The words are few, so it doesn’t take us long to read one. However, I do have to read them at least three times in a row whenever we do sit down to read them.  I think this is because the words are being memorized. I caught Ben reading his to Eli last week. He did pretty well. Most of his words were right on…

2014-08-25 13.01.32