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Yes, I did. Some of you may remember my summer reading goals which included reading a history book, a science book, and a philosophy book. I was supposed to complete all of these book by the end of August. August is nearing its end, and I have yet to complete a one of them. I did interlibrary loan the science book, but I only got about four chapters in.


This is the one book I started, but failed to finish. I discovered I really did have a solid grasp of general physics, for a layman that is.

Why didn’t I complete my goals? I don’t know. This past week we were on vacation in Colorado. We always hit a Barnes and Noble when we travel. While I was browsing during our B&N visit I came across several books that looked interesting to me that fell into the history and science categories (I didn’t really look at philosophy). I have a theory that maybe I shouldn’t have selected my books by searching the internet. Perhaps I should have just gone to the books store or library picked a few out that looked interesting.

Those of you who have been following my poetry reading goal know that I’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve been reading a little bit of poetry every week, and I’ve really been enjoying it. I think perhaps I should approach my history, science, and philosophy reading goals in a similar manner. I read for enjoyment, and I really enjoy reading mysteries and adolescent literature. It is hard for me to put those books aside to give all my attention to a book from a genre I’m less familiar with and maybe not as interested in. I still think it would be good for me to read these genres though.

So, although I failed at my summer reading goals, I am not tossing those goals altogether. I am going to rewrite them. The plan now is to read a history, science, and philosophy book by next summer, June. I will pick them out at the book store or library. I will select books that sound really interesting to me.

Don’t worry. As soon as I pick one out I will let you know. It is good to be held to account, whether I succeed or fail.