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A new classic!

2014-07-27 18.19.16Those of you who have the pleasure of being around little boys may have noticed that they always seem drawn to machines. Anything with wheels catches the eye, especially if it can go fast or is really big. This summer I had to make a rule for the library, to protect my sanity, that we get only three machine books every time we go. The rest of the books need to be about different topics. We usually pick up 5-6 per trip for Ben. I just could not read another bull-dozer book 10 times in a row, again. I’m supportive of Benjamin’s passion (machines and things with wheels) but I do want him to be well-rounded, which means reading about a few other subjects once in a while as well.

However, this post is in homage to Ben and his passion. Here are some of our favorite books about trucks, cars and things that go. These are books we own, not ones from the library. These are the books that get read over and over again. They get chewed on, played with, tossed, and read before bed. Eli has started to take an interest as well and I think he is happy to follow his big brother’s example.

The fact that this book is chunky and has a funny shape is part of its appeal.

This Thomas book is Eli’s favorite as late. He goes looking for it and carries it around the house. He sits down to babble while looking at it and pointing at things.

2014-07-27 18.18.51The large board books below are full of pictures and remain huge favorites. My boys can’t get enough of looking over the  vehicles, pointing at them, naming them,  talking about them and Ben especially likes discussing how many wheels they have.

Many of you remember classics like the ones pictured below. Golden Books have been around for ages, and they are still great books to have on hand. I remember reading them and loving them as a kid, and now my boys will have memories of them as well. Richard Scarry remains a popular, and classic, choice. Benjamin loves to watch Busytown Mysteries, and his Things that Go book is an imaginative and fun read with interesting vehicles like Banana and Pickle cars.

We’ve also discovered some new classics like Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site pictured above and Truckery Rhymes (discussed in an earlier post).

2014-07-27 18.21.08

We’ve also acquired quite a collection of paperback books. Although they often seem more fragile than most, ours have held up well. They are super affordable, and many of ours have been given to us. We’ve earned them through reading programs and children’s events. Tractor Mac is a new series we’ve discovered, and has some great stories. Of course, we have plenty of Lightening McQueen books. This is a favorite movie and anything with Lightening McQueen is poured over and talked about. Racing is a favorite sport in this household.

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These are the blessings of little ones. It touches my heart when I see them sitting by the book basket pulling out books and flipping pages, talking or gurgling to themselves. Could a mom ask for more? When they do this I know I will buy as many car books as their heart’s desire…and I will read them as often as they like.