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Eli got the Cheerios book and Ben picked out one on Sea Horses.

Eli got the Cheerios book and Ben picked out one on Sea Horses when they completed summer reading.

The boys have each finished one sheet for summer reading! They (well mostly Ben) were very excited about the rewards! (Eli would have been too, had he understood it all). Here is what they got.

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The picture to the right is what Eli got when he turned in his activity sheet. He received a certificate with his name on it, a small container of wet-wipes (so cute) with the theme for this year on it, a coupon for ice cream from the local soda fountain, and a coupon for a free frosty from Wendy’s. He also got to pick out a board book to keep! Ben received the same stuff, but with the addition of a super cool robot tattoo (and his book wasn’t a board book).

We used the frosty coupons the other day, and there are plans for daddy to take them to get their ice cream at the soda fountain tomorrow. Ben wanted to do another reading sheet, so we have a goal of getting another 50 books read by the end of July. Hopefully we can make it. He thinks he will be in need of another tattoo by that point, and Eli would like another frosty.

Ben's super cool READ robot tattoo.

Ben’s super cool READ robot tattoo.