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2014-06-08 20.01.18The theme for the summer library reading program this year is Fizz Boom Read, which I think is fun and adorable. It is, clearly, a science based theme. Fizz Boom Read is the theme for PreK – 3rd Grade. The tweens have a different program to follow and it is titled Spark Your Imagination. That is all I know about the tween program though. I have a 15 month old and a 4 year old, so I didn’t get the details on that one. Thank goodness, I’m not prepared to think about tweens yet…

2014-06-08 19.59.46However, they are doing an early literacy program for those of us with babies and toddlers. It is really cute, and here are the details. For Eli (my 15 month old) I got a card with 27 bubbles on it. Each bubble has an activity to do with your baby. A few examples:

– Ask your child many questions (We’ve already checked this one off. I ask him questions constantly – Why did Daddy eat the last piece of cake? What is your brother doing in the toile?)

– Make animal noises together.

– Sing songs about your day.

– Play blocks with your child. (Did this one too. Lot’s of building at our house. Mostly roads for trucks.)

As you complete an activity you mark off a bubble. Once you’ve marked off all the bubbles you can take your paper in and you get a prize! I’m not sure what we get yet, probably a book, but I will update you. This is really a great addition. I don’t think our library has done this one before, but I really love it. A great way to get the babies involved, and to make sure you are playing, and doing, wonderful developmental activities with your little one.

2014-06-08 20.00.12Ben has the regular chart. There are 50 fizzing bubbles on his chart and he can mark one off each time we read a library book. Once they are all filled up we can take it in and get a prize. I know that he will get to pick out a new book to take home, but there may be other things as well. Also, he can do more than one chart. We can complete as many as we want, or can, by July 31. Each time he will get a prize.

This week will be our first big summer reading event with a Movie Under the Stars. They set up a movie screen outside and we show up with lawn chairs. Usually the library provides popcorn and a drink. It is really fun! I think they are showing Inspector Gadget this year. There are other programs planned as well including an egg drop contest, a magician, and of course a couple of story hours.

There is an adult program too. It didn’t start until the 1st though, and I haven’t been in to sign up for it. I will, and will check back to let you know what they are having us do this summer.

As a kid I absolutely loved summer reading. My parents got us to the library once or twice a week and I was a nerdy and voracious reader. Any kind of reading contest got my juices flowing. I just loved all the books, all the choices! I hope that my kids will have happy memories of summer reading as well.