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So after a week of pondering, I’ve decided on a few reading goals for summer. These goals will hopefully get me out of my comfort zone and stretch my comprehension skills a bit.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 5.17.02 PMGOALS:

1. Read a history book.

2. Read a science book.

3. A philosophy book (hopefully a short one).

Why did I select these three goals? Well, these are genres I don’t typically select for leisure reading. I will have to make myself read them. Also, they are the type of books that will force me to think and analyze. It will take some work to get meaning from them, so they will challenge me. It is possible I may have to pull up Sparknotes while I read.

I haven’t selected the specific books I will tackle from these genres just yet. I want to do a little research and try my best to select books that I will want to finish. Trust me, you will hear about them when I finish. And whichever ones I select, I will finish.