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Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 4.23.06 PMLast night was World Book Night. To my knowledge, no one in my community or the surrounding area participates in World Book Night. I had never heard of it before, and I don’t recall how I found out about it. It was written on my calendar, and had to visit the website to check it out. This is what it is:

World Book Night U.S. is a celebration of books and reading held on April 23, when 25,000 passionate volunteers across America give a total of half a million books within their communities to those who don’t regularly read. 

Now, that is something I can wholeheartedly support. I wanted to mention this event in my blog, even if I can’t write about being involved, so that I can raise awareness of it. Perhaps at some point in the future people and businesses in my community can get will participate.

Every year a panel of librarians and booksellers select 30-35 books. The authors of these books waive royalties and the publisher agree to pay the costs of producing special World Book Night editions of these books. Bookstores and libraries sign-up to host distribution in their communities. Books are distributed by local volunteers. The purpose is to distribute these books to people who do not read regularly, or do not have regular access to books and libraries due to location or disability.

Some of the books on this year’s list are The Zookeepers Wife, Zora and Me, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, Catch 22 and Hoot. The list is varied and includes adult and young adult/adolescent selections. There is a book of poetry and a few nonfiction selections as well.

Do some checking in your area and see if there are any libraries or bookstores that participate. Maybe next year you and I can hand out some books to those who don’t have any in our community!