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2014-04-20 10.09.03The husband and I have only been a parents for four years, so we are still new at this holiday traditions thing. We are feeling our way through each holiday trying out different ideas, gifts, and traditions to see what fits best.

2014-04-20 10.10.22One thing is certain, for almost every holiday or special event we buy a book. For me it is a precious luxury to own books. My parents did not purchase books to own. They made sure we hit the library often, but I did not have books to call my own. So I LOVE picking out books for my kids.

Easter was no exception this year. My family was sick most of the week leading up to Easter, so I was pretty late doing my shopping. Luckily, while doing a fast grocery shopping trip at Wal-mart I was able to pick up a few books to put in each of the Easter Baskets with other goodies. Every time they get a gift it involves a book and some kind of truck (usually of the monster variety). Not overly Easterish I know, but they have candy for that.

Sometimes I buy holiday specific books. For example, a new edition of The Night Before Christmas at Christmas and Happy Easter Little Critter for Easter. This year I tried to buy books that were not specifically about the holiday because, well we have quite a few Easter books already. Also, many of the ones left on the display at Wal-mart we already had. It had been pretty well picked through by the time I got there. Also, I did a bit of a splurge and bought them two each. Normally, I would only buy one a piece.

Whatever the occasion, shopping for, and giving, my children books of their own will always be a special delight for me. I’m so blessed that I can, and I know that.

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