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This is the second post for National Library Week. If you missed the first one, check it out

546413_407016299322885_1709411296_nOn Monday I shared some of the children’s programing going on at our library. Today I would like to talk about what we offer the adults. The first adult program most people think of is book clubs, and we have two of those right now, along with several other options.

Adult Programing

  • Reading Ladies Book Club – Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while have probably noticed that I talk about a book club from time to time in my posts. Well, this is the one. We meet every other month on a Sunday at 3pm. We usually have a beverage and discuss the book we’ve read. Once a year, at one of our meetings, we make up the list of books we will read for the next twelve months. Members bring suggestions and lists to choose from. We alternate between fiction and nonfiction. I think I can speak for the group when I say, we like this because it stretches us to read things we wouldn’t pick up on our own, and we’ve discovered we like that. Our next meeting is May 18th, and we are reading I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe.
  • A Closer Look Reading Group – I do live in the bible belt, so it makes sense that our most popular reading group is an inspirational one. They meet the first Thursday of every month, and like the Reading Ladies Book Club, they alternate between fiction and nonfiction books, however all of these books are Christian/Inspirational. They also host a light dinner at their meetings. This is a rather large group, so the reading list is usually selected by the library director.
  • Knowledge @ Noon – This program is sponsored by the Gray County Extension Office, the Extension Family & Consumer Science Program Development Committee, & the Cimarron City Library. It is held the first Thursday of every month at noon. Attendees are welcome to bring lunches with them if they choose. Drinks and dessert are provided. These are educational programs that can be about almost anything. The one for this month was about container gardening and the speaker was a local Master Gardner who also writes a column for the newspapers in our region. Next month’s talk will be about salads in a jar, and people are encouraged to bring a jar so that they can leave with a salad. In September they celebrated national rice month with a program about rice, and in October they covered Breast Cancer Awareness by having a local breast cancer survivor speak about her journey and her job as the Breast Cancer Coordinator for a local hospital.
  • Summer Reading – Our library does often host a summer reading program for adults. They have done it several different ways in the past, and the rumor is they will be trying something new again this year. Usually though, you read books and depending on how many and what kinds, you can enter drawings for prizes and gift cards for local businesses.
  • Pinterest Crafting– A new program that has only been running for a few months is a Pinterest group. Anyone can attend, but you do need to register because they have to purchase supplies based on attendance. There is a fee for this program to cover the costs of supplies and day care. Yes! Day care is provided. This program features a Pinterest based craft that you make together. The draw of this is that many of us want to make the stuff we see on Pinterest, but often going and buying supplies to make ONE thing, isn’t all that cost effective, or we just don’t have time. With this group you show up and all the supplies and tools are there. You pay your fee and get to take home the finished product. This has been a very popular program. The next group will meet April 29th, and they will be making a glass/mosaic bowl. It can be used for a small potted plant or a candle. The cost is $10. You can check out past projects on the library’s Facebook page.
  • First Impression Training @ the Library – Last week the library partnered with a locally based consultant (Joe Coles) and offered training in making good first impressions and customer service. Many local businesses sent their employees for training during this week. Approximately 90 people attended the training. This is a good turn out for our small town. The library also plans to host a time management class in the fall, and a budgeting class next spring.

Possible Future Programs

Painting – Our county is made up of a few small towns, so often we have a cross pollination when it comes to program attendance. For example, a few ladies from the town south of us attend our reading group. They shared a program they have over there that I think looks fun. Our librarian has been making some inquiries to see if it is something we would want to offer at our library. They host a painting class once a month. It is offered at a couple of different times, but the class is the same. That way people who work during the day have an opportunity to attend as well. Like the Pinterest group, all you have to do is show up. You do pay a fee, usually 20 – 25 dollars and they provide all the materials. The teacher posts a picture of what you will paint on their Facebook page, and after the class on you can check out pictures of the final product on Facebook as well.

Historical Tours & Lectures – Some of the small libraries in our area have been hosting a historical tours series at their libraries. These are usually done one or two Sunday’s a month for several months in a row. For example, one librarian did one on historical forts. She hosted lectures at her library and small group discussions over books selected for reading. Then they had scheduled tours of several forts in the state. You could drive yourself, or ride with the group. There is talk of a possible Ghost Town series in the future.

If you are interested in any of these possible programs, please pop in and let the librarian know!

What adult programming is offered at your library? Please share in the comments.