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Earlier this week I received an email from my librarian that the book for our May book club meeting was in. She cautioned all of us that it was thick, and to come and pick it up soon. We aren’t meeting until May 18, and I couldn’t imagine it wasn’t something I could get done before then, but I went and picked it up anyway since there are several books in my queue already. Then….well take a look at this thing!

2014-04-06 12.26.33It is nearly two inches thick and comes in at 676 pages! Now, it’s not that I haven’t read books this long in the past. I have. But normally books this long are fantasy or sci-fi and they are that long because they often have to establish the rules and descriptions of an unknown world or dimension. This novel is set in the good’ole U.S. of A.

I’m a little worried I’ll admit. With all the other reading and writing I’ve got on my plate will I be able to knock this book out by the 18th? Will I be able to at least start it? Will I even want to finish it?

I’ll check back and let you know in May.