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If you have little boys in your life, an absolute essential for their young library is Truckery Rhymes by Jon Scieszka, illustrated by Design Garage. With classics like Little Dan Dumper, Three Loud Trucks, Peter Peter Payload Eater, and Swing Around With Rosie this will be an instant hit with little boys who are into anything with wheels and loud motors. And, an additional bonus is that you will be introducing them to classic literature using Mother Goose nursery rhymes…sort of.

Here’s an excerpt. This is Scieszka’s truckery take on Pop goes the Weasel, with Pop! Blows the Diesel:

All around the parking Garage,

Pat Pumper chased the Diesel.

Pat Pumper thought it was all in truck fun,

Till POP! blows the Diesel.

2014-02-04 10.31.02

Pat Pumper with a spool of hose,

And Lucy with her ladder.

That’s the way the truck Game goes,

POP! Blows the Diesel.

The characters in the book come from other Trucktown stories Scieszka has written. Pat Pumper and Lucy are Firetrucks. Diesel is the resident villian, or grumpy guy anyway. There is a monster truck named Monster Max, Peter loader, Melvin the cement mixer, and Gabby the garbage truck to name a few. (Does it mean something that he made the garbage truck a girl do you think? Hmmm…) They all have distinct personalities, and you get to know a little about them based on the nursery rhymes that Scieszka uses them in.

The illustrations are beautiful and detailed. It is clear they checked out the different types of trucks. They were true to how real trucks look while adding the little details and flare to create individual characters.

2014-02-04 10.14.49My son will sing these all around the house. It may become a problem when he starts preschool this year and they are singing Rock-A-Bye Baby and he is singing Rock-A-Bye Mixer, but I guess we will deal with that issue when it comes up.

Truly though, these versions about trucks smashing through bricks, and scooping dirt are just more fun for boys. Can’t blame them. Lambs, babies, and little girls on tuffets aren’t really things most four year old boys are into.

Let me leave you with one of my favorites about a wrecker named Rosie.

2014-02-04 11.08.39

Wrecker Rosie Sat on a Wall

Wrecker Rosie sat on a wall.

Wrecker Rosie made it all fall.

All the town’s tow trucks

And all the town’s rigs…

Did whatever Rosie said after that.