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President’s day is coming up on February 17th. Last year I made a resolution to read a president’s biography every February. I’m not the best student of history, and being an American, I thought I really should know more about my presidents than I do.

After making this decision, I took myself down to the library to peruse the biography section. I wasn’t going to leave until I found a biography to read. Now, although I do enjoy some nonfiction reading now and again, I am not a big biography reader. I was a little overwhelmed by many of the biographies I found. Those babies were humongous. Really? Do people really want to read a thousand pages about the life of, say…Grover Cleveland? I don’t know if there really is a thousand page bio on President Cleveland, but you get my point right?

Anyway, I left with a lovely little 300, or so, page book about James Madison. Although, it wasn’t a gripping tale of wilderness survival, or of love lost and found, it was readable. I learned about our founding fathers, and their goals when building our nation. It was a good little book for facts and historical details. I gained some knowledge, and I was glad I read it.

Now, I was hoping there are some of you who could recommend a good presidential biography for this year. I have plans to go back to the library, or maybe check out the biography section at Barnes and Noble next time I’m there. But, I would really love some recommendations. My only request is…please try and keep it under 500 pages. Unless, you can assure me I will want to keep reading it after the first 300 or so…

Please leave any suggestions in the comments section. Thanks in advance for the help!