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I was lucky enough to marry a man who also enjoys reading. Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t have married him if he didn’t. Although we often enjoy the same books, we do frequently read completely different genres and authors. Early in our relationship we fell into the habit of listening to audiobooks together when driving long distances as a way to share our love of books.

My husband is eight years older than I am, and although we can enjoy some of the same music for a time, the key word is some. We do like to talk, but let’s be honest, talking and shared music can only fill up so many hours on an eight hour drive.

When I married him he was one of those terrifying people who read while driving (he had a 40 minute commute one way). Well, once I sussed out that dangerous habit, things had to change! I suggested he start listening to audio books, and quickly got him a subscription to Audible. After that, we were both hooked! And, some dangerous driving habits were extinguished.

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Now, I usually have a personal audiobook that I listen to when I drive on my own, as does he. When we drive together we have a completely separate audiobook going. The first book we listened to together was Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. We chose it because neither one of us had read any Follett, it was historical fiction (which we both enjoy), and it was an economical choice. The book was over 40 some hours long on audio and only cost one credit on Audible!

We have gone through several Follett books and moved on to a new author, Caleb Carr. We love listening to our books. It really is a good bonding experience. When key things happen in the story, or a thought strikes us about a character or plot twist, we pause the book and discuss it. We have talked about so many things that we wouldn’t have if we hadn’t been listening to the same book at the same time. Sometimes, we even stick the kids in the car, and put them to sleep while driving and listening to our audiobook.

If you have a spouse that is willing to give it a try, I highly recommend picking out an audio book together and listening to it when traveling. Especially if you tend to drive more than 30 minutes at a time. (If you live in Kansas and want to get anywhere of note you have to drive at least an hour if not more.) It is a great way to connect and spark conversation. Unless of course, that is exactly what you are wanting to avoid.

More on Follett and Carr to come.