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Did you know that at most libraries you can check out books on your Kindles, Nooks, and tablets?

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It recently came to my attention that there are many out there with eReaders that do not know they can check out library books on their Nooks and Kindles. As a library advocate, I want to alert people to this service.

I live in a small rural town. We have a population of a little over 2,000. I’m sure if our local libaray offers this service it is offered in all large cities and populated urban areas in the U.S. Actually, our service is offered through the state library, so you just need a Kansas Library card to utilize the free book services on your devices. If you don’t have a state card, just walk into your local public library and ask for one. They will set you right up. I’m not sure what the requirements are in other states, but most do offer eBook lending services.

There are two platforms offered in my state, 3M Cloud Library and Freading eBooks. You can compare the two to decide which is better suited to you and your device. They offer slightly different book and checkout options.

There is also an audiobook lending service OneClickdigital Audiobooks and Tumblebooks for kids as well. Tumblebooks are great! Your children can choose to read them on their own, or have them read to them like an audiobook with pictures. Most of the kid’s eBooks have interactive features like moving pictures and additional sounds. If you have a Reading Rainbow App subscription you have an idea of what you can get with Tumblebooks. They are similar.

Many of you are probably already familiar with Project Gutenberg, where you can get many classics for free. These library services allow free access to more recent publications. I encourage all book lovers to check out and utilize these services through your local and state libraries. Even if you can afford to purchase eBooks yourself, why spend the money on books that you will read only once. Buy the books you really want to keep on hand, and check the rest out through the library, both regular and electronic.

If signing up for, or using these services makes you nervous, do not hesitate to go into your local library and ask for help setting up your Nook or Kindle to check out eBooks. I know that all of the staff at our library are trained to set up multiple devices for checkout. They do it frequently and happily.

Libraries offer many essential free services to their communities. Unfortunately, they don’t always have great marketing programs, and they struggle to get funding. Please support your library and all the services they provide as often as possible!