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There are a few reasons why we LOVE Usborne’s That’s Not My… board book series.


First, they are totally eatable. These books have been through two boys so far, and still look new. This is despite the fact that I allow, nay, encourage my boys to eat these books. My personal philosophy is that babies who eat books grow up to be children who read books. It is perfectly safe to let your infant play unrestrained with these books. They are very well made for touchy-feely books and withstand the onslaught of gums and first teeth quite well.

The second is, of course, the fact that they are touchy-feely. Touchable books with different textures and fuzzy features tend to be popular with the the pre-reading set. This makes sense from a developmental stand point. Little ones are exploring the world with all their senses, and it is great to read them a book that allows them, not only to touch, but to feel different textures. Eli, my 10 month old, sits very well for me when I read these books. He loves turning the pages, and he focuses on touching the parts that he knows feel different from the rest of the page.

Thirdly, they grow with the child. My oldest is almost four and he still enjoys these books. He loves touching the different textures, but now he gets even more from them because of the vocabulary. These books use repetition which is great for pre-readers, but they are great for introducing new vocabulary as well. Ben uses the words we read in them like smooth, rough, bobbly, and glossy. Sometimes he even argues with me about whether that is the right word for the page. He may disagree saying, “Mommy, this isn’t rough it’s bumpy.” It starts a conversation about words and meanings, and textures. All this reading, discussing, and word learning is great for literacy development.


Last, it helps children work on noticing the differences between similar objects, which is an important developmental and learning milestone. Ben and I discuss which truck he likes the best, or which texture…the two are not always the same.

The only drawback to these books is the price, they run about $8.99 here in the U.S. However, they are such good quality that I happily pay for them. I know they will last through several children and be enjoyed for many years by those same children, and perhaps completely different children. However, if you do belong to a rewards program at your local book store, or Barnes & Nobel, these are great books to use coupons on. I recommend them for shower gifts and toddler birthdays.


Note: I am completely unaffiliated with Usborne. They don’t know I exist. My post is based simply on my personal opinions and experiences with these books.