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In this new year I find myself reading two books at once. This is a rare occurrence for me. I’m a one book at a time type of girl. However, it does happen now and again, and when it does, I usually find myself reading a fiction and nonfiction. In this instance though, it is a fiction and a book of classic tales.

Tales of the Greek Heroes is actually a book my husband picked up a while back. He wanted to refresh his memory of Greek mythology. He found this book in the adolescent literature section and thought it would do perfectly. He finished it, and I decided I could use a refresher as well. The last time I read about Greek myths was our Edith Hamilton unit in freshman English.

Tana French has become one of my favorite authors of late. Broken Harbor is her fourth book, and all of them center around detectives in Ireland. If you are a mystery lover you should definitely check her out if you haven’t discovered her already. Her first book is In the Woods, and I do recommend starting with it. These books do not follow one main character but…they are connected.

More on both of these later this month as I finish them up.